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The NDS fire curtain is ideally applicable as a means of fire compartmentation. Because of the limited top space required, these fire curtains are applied a lot in case of indoor situations with fireproof requirements.

The fire curtain is tested at Efectis (Dutch certification institute) and has a fire resistance of 150 minutes with a measured heat of 10.9 kW/m2 where a maximum heat of 15 kW/m2 is allowed. The anthracite-colored curtain is durable and has undergone an endurance test of 2000 cycles.

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– Tilltalande design
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– Brandmotstånd upp till 150 minuter
– Brandsäkerhet enligt NEN 6069 and NEN-EN 1634-1
– Antal testcyklar: 2000
– Bärförmåga material enligt DIN EN ISO 12947-2 & 12947-3


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